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Assembly - Javron Precision Machining

AssemblyAssembly of manufactured parts at Javron is an important service to our customers. We supply a wide variety of parts to our customers. While our specialty is CNC machining, fabrication and assembly of component parts, we have close associations with a vast array of suppliers to acquire purchased components such as fasteners, hydraulic and electrical components, and gaskets.

With experienced buyers, project managers, quality personnel, and assemblers - we can coordinate a full supply chain efficiently and with less cost than most contract manufacturers. Because the assembled components are usually mating with CNC machined parts we manufacture, we can better control part fit and assembly function.

We can easily use our extensive manufacturing resources to correct design errors and keep the product flowing smoothly rather than waiting for an outside manufacturer to replace faulty product. By combining our in-house expertise with services from suppliers in different fields, such as plating and painting, we are able to provide a very broad range of services to our customers.