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Manual Machining - Javron Precision Machining

CNC MillingAt Javron, manual machines still earn their keep. We have customers who design and build packaging machines and many of the parts are simple, small, and low quantity.

These parts can be done more efficiently in manual machines since they require no setup or programming time. Some of our mills are left setup for specific operations so groups of common parts can travel from one machine to another in an assembly line environment.

This allows us to produce single or small quantities of parts more efficiently and at a much lower cost than if they were cut in a CNC. Our manual machines are also used for doing secondary machining operations in between cycle times on a CNC. This reduces part cost by eliminating set up time and making use of idle time between part cycles.

Our manual lathes are also used to produce single or small quantities of parts or perform brief operations too time consuming to set up in a computerized machine. Manual machines still have a place in even the most high tech shops due to their versatility and low operating cost.

At Javron, we take full advantage of this to produce your parts as cost effectively as possible.