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Welding - Javron Precision Machining

WeldingAt Javron, machined or formed parts are welded together using either MIG, TIG, or ARC welding processes to make finished assemblies. These range from small packaging machine parts to complete aircraft fuselages to large well drilling equipment sub assemblies.

We use the latest in square wave computer controlled welding technology to create certified welds on aluminum, stainless steel, A36, GR50, 1018, and tool steels just to name a few. Many of these parts are made in quantities of 50 to 200 and require precise fixturing to control alignment, shrinkage, and insure tolerances are held to our customer specifications.

The ability to create fixturing in-house based on part complexity - saves time and money and allows us to control quality more efficiently and reduce cost to the customer. Some weldments requiring tight tolerates of bores, holes, or other critical features can be machined after welding to insure accuracy (that fixturing only can not achieve).
Welding   Welding